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Cross Country

Posted On: Wednesday, August 24, 2011
By: lschluterman1

2021 SCIAA High School Cross Country


SCIAA Contact

Reed Willis

Office: (901) 416-2915

Email: willisrh@scsk12.org

General XC Questions

Meet Director

Carl Bowie: (901) 503-7189


2021 XC Information_Schedule


Important Dates

Date Description Time Location
July 26 TSSAA First Practice Date 4:00 pm  
August 11 SCIAA Coaches Meeting   SCIAA Office
August 16 TSSAA First Contest Date/Deadline to File Eligibility & Schedules on TSSAA portal   TSSAA Portal
September 1 Complete SCIAA Registration (NOT A REAL MEET) 11:59 pm tn.milesplit.com
September 2 Course open to run 5:00 pm Shelby Farms
September 3 Mandatory Registration Make-Up 3:30 pm SCIAA Office
September 9 Team Packet Pick-Up 9:00 am to 4:00 pm SCIAA Office
September 9 Course open to run 5:00 pm Shelby Farms
September 10 Team Packet Pick-Up (Last Opportunity) 9:00 am to 12:00 pm SCIAA Office
September 16 SCIAA Meet #1 5:00 pm Shelby Farms
September 23 Course open to run 5:00 pm Shelby Farms
September 30 SCIAA Meet #2 5:00 pm Shelby Farms
October 7 SCIAA AAA Championship 3:30 pm Shelby Farms
October 7 SCIAA A-AA Championship 4:30 pm Shelby Farms
October 26 TSSAA Regionals – Region 8 – A-AA 5:00 pm Shelby Farms
October 27 TSSAA Regionals – Region 8 – AAA 5:00 pm Shelby Farms
October 30 TSSAA Regionals Must be Completed TBA TBA
November 4-5 TSSAA State TBA Sanders Ferry Park

2021 Course

Park                             Meters                                                 Address

Shelby Farms                   5k                           7171 Mullins Station Rd., Memphis TN 38134

SCIAA XC Meet Information & Requirements


  • Teams MUST submit their entire roster for the season by entering the SCIAA Registration meet on milesplit.com. This is not an actual meet! Failure to register on time will result in a mandatory registration meeting at the SCIAA office. Missing the meeting could result in forfeiting the entire XC season. Meeting is ONLY mandatory if you did not register by the deadline.
  • You must pick up your team packets at the SCIAA office on the designated date. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK UP AT THE RACE.


  • Teams must attend the 2 regular season SCIAA cross country meets. (9/16 and 9/30). The Championship is also MANDATORY. Failure to attend the 2 regular season meets and the SCIAA Championship meet will result in a fine.
  • On September 2, September 9, and September 23 the course at Shelby Farms is reserved for SCIAA schools. These dates will not be electronically timed and are not mandatory. Schools may get together and create their own meets on these dates or use the course for practice. SCIAA staff will not be present on these dates.
  • Teams may enter any races hosted by entities outside of SCIAA. Maximum number of regular season meets is 11 including the SCIAA Championship. Search https://tn.milesplit.com/ to find meets.
  • Unlimited entries per school are permitted at the 2 regular season meets.
  • For the SCIAA Championship there is a maximum of 7 participants per team.
  • If a team does NOT register and still attends, the team will not be allowed to run.
  • All races will be electronically timed. Results will be emailed to coaches following the meet. Coaches will have 24 hours to dispute the results. Disputes must be sent to the SCIAA in writing to be considered. After 24 hours, the final results will be posted to TN Milesplit.
  • No chips will be assigned at any meets. Runners showing up to a meet without their chip will not be allowed to run.
  • Races will start at 5:00 pm sharp. Coaches must check in by 4:30pm and allow athletes time for proper warm up. Girls will run in the first wave at 5:00pm, and boys in the second wave starting at approximately 5:30pm.
  • If a chip needs replacement, email Reed Willis, willisrh@scsk12.org. Chips will not be replaced at any meet. Replacement chips are subject to a $25 fine per chip.


  • Schools will be given the timing chips for the entire season and must return them after the Championship.
  • If shoe tags are lost, stolen, broken, or not turned in, schools are subject to a $25.00 fee per missing/damaged tag.



 Teams: A team will consist of a minimum of five and a maximum of seven runners.  However, if a school does not have a team it may enter less than five runners in the individual division of the meet. No school shall enter more than seven participants in the Regional Cross-Country Meet. Three alternates may be listed on the entrance form.

 Uniforms: All uniforms must follow the NFHS Rules. The referee will warn every participant prior to the meet that they must compete in a legal uniform, and if a contestant competes in an illegal uniform, then that contestant is disqualified from that event. There are no team warnings or individual warnings after the meet begins. Officials should use preventative officiating as much as possible.

 Eligibility List: Eligibility List and schedule must be submitted in the TSSAA Portal before the first contest date of Fall Sports.

 Practice: Participants must have signed physicals and required forms on file at the school prior to their first practice. Each student-athlete must have a completed Athlete’s Health Record (comprised of a cleared pre-participation physical examination, emergency information, informed consent, acknowledgement of risk and authorization to treat signed by parent/guardian) **Covid-19 Informed Consent and Acknowledgment of Risk** and the Tennessee State Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Law “Information & Signature Form” before participation in a try-out, practice, or game.

General Regulations

Length of Course: The Cross Country courses will be 5k meters in distance for boys and girls. Rules governing Cross Country shall be those as published by the National Federation of High School Associations in the Track and Field Rulebook.

Regional Meets: At the regional cross country meets each year, the coaches involved shall select the site of the following year’s regional cross country meet and the director. The Large & Small Class teams (as determined by classification) will be scored as two separate cross country meets.


Requirements: All coaches must have current CPR certification and complete the NFHS “Concussion in Sports”, “Sudden Cardiac Arrest”, and “Covid-19 for Coaches and Administrators” prior to coaching. All coaches must also complete Safe Schools Athletic Coaches Covid-19 Training. All non-faculty and classified employees must complete the NFHS “Fundamentals of Coaching” and “First Aid, Health, & Safety for Coaches” prior to coaching.


                             A-AA              AAA
Bolton High Manassas High Germantown High
Booker T. Washington MASE Southwind High
City University School MBA White Station High
Compass-Midtown Middle College High Whitehaven High
Craigmont High Mitchell High Overton High
Crosstown High School MLK Prep Central High
Douglass High MSE Kingsbury High
East High PCA High Cordova High
Fairley High Raleigh-Egypt High
Hamilton High Ridgeway High
KIPP Collegiate High Soulsville Charter
Kirby High Trezevant High
MAHS Wooddale High
Melrose High





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