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Girls’ Volleyball

Posted On: Thursday, August 25, 2011
By: lschluterman1

Click here for a list of Middle School Volleyball Leagues: 2021 MS leagues


Middle School Volleyball


TSSAA First Practice Date: July 26, 2021

SCIAA Middle School Volleyball Jamboree: N/A

SCIAA First Play Date: August 23, 2021

SCIAA Championship Meeting: October 1, 2021 @ SCIAA

SCIAA Championship Tournament: October 4-5 @ Host sites & SCIAA Gym

TMSAA Sectional Championship: October 7, 2021


  • Each player must have a completed and signed physical, concussion information form and sudden cardiac arrest form, evidence of which must be on file at each school before the student-athlete can participate in practice, try-outs or a competitive contest. Additionally, an assumption of risk, emergency contact information and informed consent forms must also accompany the physical. The Athlete’s Health Record includes those 3 requirements on 1 form and is a required piece of documentation for SCS athletes.
  • All student-athletes must be listed on the TSSAA eligibility form. The last day to submit Eligibility forms is the First TSSAA Official Day of Contest.
  • All teams must have a basic first aid kit, injury ice & bags, water, and a copy of each student-athlete’s emergency contact info accompany them to all competitions and practices.  All coaches must be CPR & First Aid certified.
  • Contact the school Athletic Director for secondary insurance information.

ALL MATCHES START AT 5:30 PM: No changes can be made without the approval of the principals of BOTH schools, the SCIAA and the Assigning Agent.


Mickey Pitts – pickeymitts58@gmail.com

Home: 901.291.8741 Business: 901.537.1406 Fax: 901.682.3809

Cell: 901.268.4228

If you have an emergency to occur with your schedule, inform Mickey Pitts.


Kai Washington – washingtonkd@scsk12.org, SCIAA

Office: 901.416.5764   Cell: 731.402.1375


The official will call the host school before noon on the day of the matches and report to the financial secretary their name. If you have not heard from an official by noon, please call the assigning officer.


Single match, one official-$50.00



League play for the middle schools will be based on the Area 1 (small and large) and Area 2 (small and large) designations listed by the TMSAA. The winners of the Small and Large Divisions will qualify for the West Tennessee Sectional Tournament. All matches shall be best two out of three games using rally scoring (point scored on each serve). Games shall be played to 25 points with no cap (no cap means a team must score a minimum of 25 points and be ahead by at least two points to win a game). Should a match go three games, the third game shall be played to 15 points with no cap.


When your school is hosting a match, it is the responsibility of the home school to provide safe and adequate equipment for the match. If the home school is unable to provide safe equipment, it is their responsibility to secure another site. The school must notify the SCIAA office, assigning agent, and the other teams of the changes within a 24-hour period.


The TMSAA Sports Calendar limits the number of regular season contests in girls middle school volleyball to (20) twenty matches. Tournaments shall count as (2) two games, which means that each SCIAA school participating in this year’s volleyball season can actually play (18) eighteen regular season matches. The SCIAA County Championship play-off and game will count for two.


If your school is not scheduled to play during a particular week you may contact other teams not playing on the same date and schedule a non-league match to complete your schedule. Dates and times for any non-league games scheduled should be emailed to me so they can be added to your team’s master schedule.


Scoring will be set up for tournament style play with the best 2 out of 3 matches. The first two matches will be played to 25 points with no cap and the 3rd game will be played to 15 points with no caps.


Every team now has a login to enter their scores on LeagueMinder. Scores must be reported after every game.



*****The SCIAA Championship Meeting will be held  at the SCIAA office to determine what teams will be playing for the championship*****

The coach or representative must be at this meeting with their season record to be included in the championship game. If a representative is not present the following will occur:

a. Removal of the coach from Championship series and the coach will not be allowed to attend the play-offs and/or Championship game.

b. The day of the Championship meeting all schools must have verified their records to the SCIAA Office.

c. A school that does not attend the Championship meeting must pay a $500.00 fine to be included. The fine will be payable before participation in tournament play and will be awarded to any school that is removed from the tournament.


The top 2 teams from A and B in each Small Division will advance, the top 2 teams in each Large Division will advance.





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