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Girls’ Soccer

Posted On: Monday, August 04, 2014
By: lschluterman1

2021 High School Girls’ Soccer                                                                                                            

All scheduling and general questions

Reed Willis                                        

Office:  901-416-2915

Cell:  901-237-5968

Email:  willisrh@scsk12.org

All referee questions   

Mark Herrington

Cell: 901-674-4478

Email: mherrington@refereeinmemphis.com

2021 HS Girls Soccer Handout


Important Dates

July 1 Schedules due in Arbiter
July 26 TSSAA First Practice
July 26-Aug. 16 Window to complete TSSAA online rules meeting
August 11 SCIAA Soccer Coaches Meeting 4:00 pm
August 16 TSSAA First date of contest
September 29 SCIAA Championship 5:30 & 7:00 Crump Stadium
October 11-15 SCS FALL BREAK
October 15 TSSAA District Tournaments must be completed
October 19 TSSAA Region Semifinals
October 21 TSSAA Region Finals
October 23 TSSAA Sectional
Oct. 27-Oct. 30 TSSAA State Championship

* Dates subject to change


Eligibility List

Eligibility must be entered into the TSSAA Portal prior to the first scheduled contest.



TSSAA limits high schools to play a maximum of 16 matches and 2 tournaments.  Tournaments count for 2 matches.  Save one contest for the SCIAA Championship.

TSSAA Mercy Rule

The clock shall run continuously except for heat time outs and injuries once a 5-goal differential has been established. The clock will continue to run for the remainder of the game if the goal differential falls below 5. If a 9-goal differential has been reached at halftime or at any time during the 2nd half, the game shall be terminated.

Arbiter Sports/Digital Sports

All games must be loaded into the SCIAA digital sports website as well as Arbiter Sports which is used by the referee assignor.  If you need a username and password for Arbiter Sports please contact Mark Herrington:  mherrington@refereeinmemphis.com

Inclement Weather:  Cancellation or postponement of games for inclement weather is the responsibility of the Athletic Director of the home team or his/her representative. The final decision and notification to the visiting team, umpire or assigning agent, and the SCIAA must be made by 11:00 a.m. on the day of the game.  If there is any question as to playing conditions of Park Commission fields, the final decision for determining whether or not the field is playable will be made by the Park Commission representative.

Rescheduling Inclement Weather Games:  The home team is responsible for obtaining field assignments for make up games and contacting assigning agents to obtain referees.  The home team is responsible for contacting the visiting team within three days of the postponed game and setting a playing date for the rescheduled game.

Parks Services Fields:  May Field, Willow Road, Rodney Baber, & Kennedy Fields

Andrew Fisher               (901) 636-5580 office                 andrew.fisher@memphistn.gov


Schools/Teams who use Memphis Parks Commission fields are responsible for scheduling with Mr. Fisher and paying field usage fees.

Games postponed on Park Commission fields should be rescheduled through the Park Commission office. Please contact them at 901-636-5580 between 10am and 12pm, daily.  The participating teams should reschedule games postponed on school fields.

SCIAA Fields

Turf Fields-Melrose Stadium(NP, 60yd), Kirby Stadium(NP, track), Whitehaven Stadium(NP, 62yd), Crump Stadium(P, 65yd), Cordova Stadium(P 65yd)

Grass Fields-J.P. Freeman Soccer Field, Raleigh-Egypt Stadium, Cordova Field(P)

-All turf and stadium fields must be scheduled through the SCIAA Office.

Mandatory Equipment

Corner flags and nets are mandatory equipment.  All schools playing on grass fields must purchase and supply for game corner flags.  The SCIAA has corner flags with bases for turf fields available for loan for the season for schools playing on turf fields.  The schools will be held responsible for replacement costs for broken or lost equipment.

Cancellation of Games

Teams canceling games less than 24 hours prior to kick off or not showing up for reasons other than weather or school closure will be responsible for paying the referees.  If a school needs to cancel a game it is their responsibility to contact the SCIAA, their opponent, referee assignor and referees.


Mark Herrington           Cell: 901-674-4478                     Email: mherrington@refereeinmemphis.com

2019 Referee Fees

The home team is responsible for paying the referees for each game

Varsity              2 referees each shall receive $80

3 referees the split shall be $80/$70/$70

Referees will call the home team’s financial secretary prior to 11:00 am on the day of the game to supply their names and contact information.  All official assignments are available on the Arbiter website.

Game Scores

The home team of each contest must upload the outcome of the game using LeagueMinder. The scores must be submitted by noon the following day. 

SCIAA Championship

There will be two SCIAA Championship games, A-AA and AAA.  The top two teams in each division based upon play versus SCIAA teams in their classification (A-AA must play all in league) (AAA minimum of 4 games) as of September 27th will play in the SCIAA Championship Game on September 30th.  The A-AA Game will start at 5:00 pm with the AAA game starting around 6:30 pm.  Officials will be paid by the SCIAA.

SCIAA Rules of Note

  1. Inclement Weather and Postponed Games

105.1 Inclement Weather – When school is cancelled because of inclement weather conditions, all athletic events will be postponed. The home school is responsible for notifying officials and calling everyone involved in the contest.

105.2 If schools are closed on the day a meeting is to be held, the meeting will be rescheduled by the SCIAA office.  Schools will be notified of the new date.

105.3 The principal of the home school will contact the principal of the visiting school and they will decide whether the game is to be played or postponed. In the event of disagreement, the decision rests with the Athletic Manager.

105.4 If postponed:

  1. The Athletic Manager should be notified of the decision immediately, including the new date and site preference.
  2. The home school will notify the officials’ assigning agent that the game has been postponed.

105.5 Guidelines for Forfeiting Athletic Contests

Forfeit – Any game that is cancelled by a school for reasons other than weather related conditions.

  1. To keep from paying a fine, the forfeiting schools must notify the opposing school and the SCIAA office in writing at least 24 hours before the contest.
  2. Officials should be notified of game cancellation by 11:00 a.m. on the day of a scheduled contest. If the school fails to notify the officials, the forfeiting school must pay and will not receive reimbursement from the Athletic Office.
  3. Both schools in a forfeiting situation should send a letter to the SCIAA office and a copy to the opposing school principal.
  4. The fines for forfeiting are two hundred dollars ($200.00) for major sports, fifty dollars ($50.00) for minor sports.
  5. If a school fails to notify the opposing team by 11:00 am in writing on the day of a scheduled contest the forfeiting school must pay the cost of the bus for the visiting team if a bus charge is incurred.
  6. The forfeited game will not be rescheduled.
  7. If there is a continued pattern of forfeiting in any sport, the Athletic Manager may request an explanation.
  8. Any school that has a forfeit situation must notify the SCIAA within 24 hours. Failure to notify the SCIAA in writing will result in a no contest for championship purposes.
  9. A forfeit will remove the forfeiting team from consideration for the SCIAA Championship.

TSSAA Rules of Note

Game Administrator Meeting

  • TSSAA Board of Control policy requires that a Game Administrator be appointed by the principal of each host school to supervise every varsity girls’ soccer contest. The Game Administrator must be someone other than the participating coaches. Ideally, it should be the principal, athletic director, or another school administrator, but it may be the principal’s or athletic director’s designee due to staff commitments.
  • The Game Administrator of the host school is required to conduct one meeting which must include the coaches, officials, and security personnel prior to the start of each varsity girls’ soccer contest. Included in the pregame discussion is to be a review of the expected behavior of everyone involved in the contest. This should be a very positive meeting that sets the tone for an enjoyable contest.

Approved Soccer Regulation regarding postseason field dimensions

  • Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, schools hosting contests at the regional, sectional, and sub-state level must secure a field with minimum dimensions of 110 yards by 65 yards. If a school scheduled to host the regional, sectional, or sub-state contest does not have a field with these minimum dimensions, the game can still be played at the facility provided there is mutual agreement of both schools involved in the contest.  If there is no mutual agreement, and no available field within a 15-mile radius of the host school, the host school may request an exception from the state office.

2021-2023 TSSAA Girls’ Soccer Classification

District 14  District 15  District 15 
Bluff City High School Bolton High School Arlington High School  
Memphis School of Excellence Covington High School Bartlett High School  
Power Center Academy High School Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School  Brighton High School  
Sheffield High School Haywood High School   Collierville High School  
Millington Central High School   Cordova High School
District 15  Ripley High School Houston High School  
Compass School – Midtown High School Munford High School 
Crosstown High School District 16 
KIPP Memphis Collegiate School Craigmont High School District 16 
Memphis Business Academy Frederick Douglass High School Germantown High School
Memphis East High School Hamilton High School Kingsbury High School
Memphis Middle College High School Kirby High School Memphis Central High School
Trezevant High School Memphis Rise Academy Overton High School
Raleigh Egypt High School Southwind High School
District 16  Ridgeway High School White Station High School
Fairley High School Melrose High School Whitehaven High School
Freedom Preparatory Academy
Oakhaven High School

Westwood High School



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