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Posted On: Tuesday, September 27, 2011
By: lschluterman1


All scheduling questions and changes should be sent to:

Lecia Schluterman

Office: 901.416.9944

Cell:  479.438.0854

Email:  schlutermanl@scsk12.org

All official questions: 

Don Williams, Officials Assigning Agent       




Important Dates

July 22 SCIAA Football Coaches’ Meeting 10:00am SCIAA Office
July 26 TSSAA First Football Practice
July 26 TSSAA: TSSAA Football Meeting 6:00 pm MUS
August 2 Non-League Schedules due noon
August 9 SCS First Day of School
August 12 Jamboree Rosters Due noon SCIAA Office
August 14 SCIAA Football Jamboree Crump & Kirby
August 17 First Contest Date
October 11-15 SCS Fall Break
*September 30 SCIAA Championship Meeting SCIAA Office
*October 2 SCIAA Championship First Round Kirby & Crump
*October 6 SCIAA Championship Semi-Finals Kirby & Crump
*October 19 SCIAA Championship Crump Stadium
*October 23 TMSAA Sectional Championship-Small

TMSAA Sectional Championship-Large

2:00 pm WTAC


*October 27 SCIAA All-Star Game 2:00 pm



Each student-athlete must have a completed before tryouts, practice, jamboree, or game:

  • Athlete’s Health Record
  • Tennessee State Concussion Law “Information & Signature Form”
  • TN State Sudden Cardiac Law “Information & Signature Form”

Coaches must complete on file:

  • Current CPR Certification
  • Tennessee State Concussion Law “Information & Signature Form” and course certificate
  • TN State Sudden Cardiac Law “Information & Signature Form” and course certificate

Coaches also must review and be familiar with TSSAA Football practice regulations, TSSAA Football Acclimatization Forms, and all TSSAA Health & Safety Policies.



TSSAA Football Acclimatization Forms


TSSAA Health & Safety Policies


Emergency Preparedness, Heat Illness Prevention, Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Lightning Guidelines



Games on district fields at district owned stadiums take precedence over practices. Please clear the stadium 1 hour prior to game time. Clearing the stadium includes all student-athletes, coaches, team followers etc. must be out of the stadium.  It does not mean you break down practice 1 hour prior to game time. Please review the SCIAA website for game times and locations at district stadiums.



TMSAA 8 football games max.  All games must be turned in to the SCIAA and reflected on the SCIAA master schedule available at www.sciaa.,org



Schools are only allowed to participate in one Jamboree. The SCIAA jamboree is the official jamboree for all SCS schools. Jamboree will consist of 14 min running clock. Teams should warm up in the end zone 5 minutes prior to the end of the previous contest. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to play.  Estimated start times are listed on the schedule.



$5.00 max. (tickets may be pre-sold at a lesser price at the discretion of the host principal) There will be no sharing of the gate.  The visiting team may pre-sell tickets to away games.  The home team is responsible for paying the officials and EMT.



Middle School Football games are traditionally held on Wednesdays. Games begin at 5:30pm.

All games will start at the designated time unless otherwise indicated in writing through the SCIAA. To make a game change (dates and/or start times) contact the SCIAA office at minimum 3 days prior to the scheduled event. 



If a scheduled game is cancelled due to schools closing, please await information from the SCIAA office.



Security personnel will be assigned to middle school games by SCS security (416-5773).  All Charter schools must secure their own security by SCS Security Standards.



Home teams are responsible for providing SCIAA final scores after each game.



The officials should call the home school’s financial secretary by 10:00am on the day of the game. If they fail to do so, please call the assigning agent immediately!


PLEASE NOTE: Mid-South Football Officials Association officials must be used for all middle school games.

The official’s assigning agent is Don Williams (901)485-1350

Middle School officials are paid $80.00 each.


Emergency Medical Technician

EMT’s are Mandatory for all contests.  The home team is responsible for paying the EMT.  Lou Stackley is the EMT Coordinator.  He will call your school by noon on game day to provide your EMT’s name and contact information.

EMT fees are $65.00 per game.



The Championship meeting will be October 1st, 2020 at the SCIAA office. If the head coach cannot be in attendance, a school representative must be present to be in order for that school to participate in the FB Championships. The schools with the best overall record will be awarded “home-team” distinction.



For the SCIAA Championship, the tiebreaker will follow SCIAA Constitutional Bylaws; Page 11/67 SCIAA Constitution and Bylaws-103.2(SCIAA website)


103.2 Tie Breaking Procedure

  1. Head-to-Head competition in league play. If teams have played each other during the season, the

outcome of these games will resolve the tie.

  1. If a tie remains after (a), the tiebreaker will be determined by how teams have done against the next highest seeded teams in their respective league: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
  2. If the tie remains after (a) and (b), the overall win-loss record against teams within that classification will be used to break the tie. This only includes games played in your classification with member teams of TSSAA.
  3. If the tie remains after (a), (b), and (c), the best overall record will be used to break the tie. The best overall record includes games and tournaments with all teams associated with the National

Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Scheduled games must be on an Official SCIAA

Schedule to count for championship purposes.

  1. If a tie remains, a coin will be tossed. A draw will be used to determine who will call the coin toss


SCIAA Middle School Football All-Star Game Outline

All-Star Player Selection

  • 8th Grade Football Players
  • Head coach of every SCIAA team will nominate their players
  • 45 players per team
  • No more than 5 players from the same team
  • Each selection will be agreed upon by the majority of the selection committee
  • All-Star selections will be announced by SCIAA on social media
  • All-Star permission letters will be emailed to the head coach of the player’s school team

All-Star Selection Committee

  • Ask for anyone interested at the preseason football meeting
  • Communicate with those interested coaches to create the selection committee
  • Selection Committee will be divided by Area, Area 1 and Area 2 (ideally at least 4 coaches from each area)
  • Selection Committee will be responsible for making the all-star roster selections based upon information entered into the nomination form, personal evaluation, and input from other SCIAA coaches
  • The Selection Committee will also select the coaches for the All-Star game.  (Coaches can volunteer to coach the all-star game in the nomination form.)

All-Star Coaches

  • Head Coach is selected by the Selection Committee
  • The head coach will choose up to 2 assistant coaches
  • The head coach should determine at least 2 practices including practice times, locations, and dates.
  • The head coach will ensure that each player will play at least 1 quarter through the first three quarters.  During the fourth quarter, a coach can use any player combination.
  • Coaches should wear proper coaches’ attire and present themselves professionally.
  • Coaches should have fun and demonstrate good sportsmanship.


2021 Middle School Football Leagues 


Small Area 1A  Small Area 1B  Small Area 2A  Small Area 2B  Large Area 1  Large Area 2 
Barrett’s Chapel  Bellevue  Chickasaw  Hamilton  Cordova  American Way 
Georgian Hills  B.T.W.  Geeter   KIPP Collegiate  Kingsbury  Colonial 
Craigmont  Humes   J.P. Freeman  Lester  Germantown  Havenview 
Raleigh Egypt  Westside  Kirby  MAHS  Kate Bond  Hickory Ridge 
Woodstock  KIPP Acad.  Oakhaven  MBA  Highland Oaks  Ridgeway 
Mt. Pisgah  Ida B. Wells  Riverview  Wooddale  Snowden  Sherwood 
Douglass    Freedom Prep  MASE  White Station  A. Maceo Walker 





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