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Posted On: Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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2021 High School Baseball & Softball

Reed Willis – SCIAA Baseball/Softball Coordinator

Office              416-2915                     Cell                 901-237-5968

Fax                  416-9949                     Email              willisrh@scsk12.org     

2021 HS Baseball and Softball Handout

2021 HS baseball and softball meeting

Coaches contacts (coming soon)

Important Dates

March 3 Baseball & Softball Coaches Meeting
March 10 All Schedules due to SCIAA
Online TSSAA Softball Rules Meeting
Online TSSAA Baseball Rules Meeting
Upon completion of Spring Sport checklist (AD and Principal) First date of practice
March 15 TSSAA First Date of Contest
March 15 TSSAA Deadline to File Eligibility & Schedules
March 29-April 2 SCS Spring Break
May 14 TSSAA Districts Must Be Completed
May 17 TSSAA Region Semifinals
May 19 TSSAA Region Finals
May 21 TSSAA Sectionals
May 25-28 TSSAA State Championship


Game Limits

Softball-TSSAA limits high schools to play a maximum of 34 games, 5 tournaments (tournaments count as 4 games).


All high school softball schedules are due to the SCIAA Office by March 10th.  It is the responsibility of the school to contact Memphis Parks for field availability, scheduling and fees.

The school will be responsible for paying all fees associated with playing on Parks Fields.  These fees will not be reimbursed.

Game Time Limits:  Time limits must be agreed upon by both coaches at the plate with the umpire before the game begins.  The time limit is not drop dead.  No new inning will be started after the time limit expires.  If coaches cannot agree games will be played by NFHS rules: 7 innings.  Run rules also need to be discussed prior to the game starting.  Acceptable run rules are 15 run lead after 3 innings, and 10 run lead after 5 innings.

The SCIAA minimum time limits are 1 hour 30 minutes for softball and 1 hour and 45 minutes for baseball when playing 1 game. 

SCIAA minimum time limits for varsity doubleheaders are 1 hour and 15 minutes for softball and 1 hour and 30 minutes for baseball.  Doubleheaders should have no more than 30 minutes between games for officials’ payment for DH.

Inclement Weather:  Cancellation or postponement of games for inclement weather is the responsibility Athletic Director of the home team or his/her representative. The final decision and notification to the visiting team, umpire or assigning agent, and the SCIAA must be made by 11:00 a.m. on the day of the game.  If there is any question as to playing conditions of Park Commission fields, the final decision for determining whether or not the field is playable will be made by the Park Commission representative.

Rescheduling Inclement Weather Games:  The home team is responsible for obtaining field assignments for make up games and contacting assigning agents to obtain umpires.  The home team is responsible for contacting the visiting team within three days of the postponed game and setting a playing date for the rescheduled game.  If the visiting team has not received notification of game reschedule by the third day, they are responsible for contacting the SCIAA in writing (e-mail).  Please CC the SCIAA on all correspondence concerning make-up games (willisrh@scsk12.org).

Parks Services Fields: 

All games at Tobey (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) & Willow (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) must be completed by 6:00 pm. Drop dead, no excuses!  I will update any changes as I receive them from Memphis Parks and Rec. 

Andrew Fisher             (901) 636-5580 office             andrew.fisher@memphistn.gov

Games postponed on Park Commission fields should be rescheduled through the Park Commission office. Please contact them at 636-5580 between 10am and 12pm, daily.  The participating teams should reschedule games postponed on school fields.


The home school is responsible for changes of the field location –You must notify the umpire’s assigning agent of any change:

Baseball & Softball Assigning Agent:   Tony Walsh          (901) 634-5201           Twump9@gmail.com


  1. All umpires are required to contact the home team school by 12:00 noon on game day.  Check with your financial secretary to insure that the officials have called in.  Do not leave for your playing field without 100% assurance that your officials are assigned and are aware of your game.
  2. Any changes on game day, coaches are required to contact the umpires or an assigning officer by 11:00 a.m. of game day or be in jeopardy of paying game fees.
  3. In case it becomes necessary to postpone a regular game after the umpires have arrived, but before any play takes place, the umpires shall be entitled to collect only half of the fee.

Umpire Fees:

High School Softball

SINGLE JUNIOR VARSITY GAME                                         $ 65.00

SINGLE VARSITY GAME                                                         $ 75.00

JV / JV DOUBLEHEADER                                                       $ 105.00

JV / V   DOUBLEHEADER                                                       $ 105.00

V / V DOUBLEHEADER                                                           $ 115.00


TSSAA FAQ’s to Highlight

Schools Which Member Schools May Play or Scrimmage.

What schools may a member school of TSSAA play or scrimmage during regular season?

TSSAA member schools may play or scrimmage the following:

1. Any secondary school team with grades 9 and above.

2. An individual home schooled student who might be invited to participate in a track meet, wrestling competition, golf competition, etc. This would primarily apply to individual sports.

3. A home school team in a team sport, such as basketball, baseball, softball, etc., where home schooled students go together to form a cooperative team.

Who can a member school of TSSAA not play during regular season?

Any non-school team. Examples would be a club team, recreational park league team, or any type of independent team.

Varsity Teams

Can a school’s junior varsity team participate against another school’s varsity team?

No. A game is either a varsity game for both teams, a junior varsity game for both teams, or a scrimmage for both teams. An exception may be made by the Executive Director when a school is beginning an athletic program.

SCIAA Rules:

  1. Inclement Weather and Postponed Games

105.1 Inclement Weather – When school is cancelled because of inclement weather conditions, all athletic events will be postponed. The home school is responsible for notifying officials and calling everyone involved in the contest.

105.2 If schools are closed on the day a meeting is to be held, the meeting will be rescheduled by the SCIAA office.  Schools will be notified of the new date.

105.3 The principal of the home school will contact the principal of the visiting school and they will decide whether the game is to be played or postponed. In the event of disagreement, the decision rests with the Athletic Manager.

105.4 If postponed:

  1. The Athletic Manager should be notified of the decision immediately, including the new date and site preference.
  2. The home school will notify the officials’ assigning agent that the game has been postponed.

105.5 Guidelines for Forfeiting Athletic Contests

Forfeit – Any game that is cancelled by a school for reasons other than weather related conditions.

  1. To keep from paying a fine, the forfeiting schools must notify the opposing school and the SCIAA office in writing at least 24 hours before the contest.
  2. Officials should be notified of game cancellation by 11:00 a.m. on the day of a scheduled contest.  If the school fails to notify the officials, the forfeiting school must pay and will not receive reimbursement from the Athletic Office.
  3. Both schools in a forfeiting situation should send a letter to the SCIAA office and a copy to the opposing school principal.
  4. The fines for forfeiting are two hundred dollars ($200.00) for major sports, fifty dollars ($50.00) for minor sports. Baseball and Softball are both defined as major sports. 
  5. If a school fails to notify the opposing team by 11:00 am in writing on the day of a scheduled contest the forfeiting school must pay the cost of the bus for the visiting team if a bus charge is incurred.
  6. The forfeited game will not be rescheduled.
  7. If there is a continued pattern of forfeiting in any sport, the Athletic Manager may request an explanation.
  8. Any school that has a forfeit situation must notify the SCIAA within 24 hours. Failure to notify the SCIAA in writing will result in a no contest for championship purposes.
  9. A forfeit will remove the forfeiting team from consideration for the SCIAA Championship.



TSSAA 2021 District Alignments-Baseball & Softball

HS District alignment



Tobey Park – 2599 Avery Ave.                         Behind the SCS Board of Education                         

Willow Park – 4971 Willow Road   

Willow #1 is behind the Community Center and Overton High School


Kennedy Park – 4575 Raleigh LaGrange Road

Fields 6-9 are the first fields you come to

Fields 1-5 are the last fields



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