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SCIAA Student-Athlete Tracking Program

Posted On: Tuesday, July 21, 2015
By: lschluterman1


PowerSchool Training Sessions

Please use this form to sign up for the SCIAA SMS Program Training Sessions. All Training Sessions will be held at Central High School in the Computer Lab in the Library. Sessions are limited to 20 each day. Please bring a short roster to work on your SMS Entries.

2019-20 Student-Athlete Tracking Program


Lecia Schluterman                                        Office:  901-416-9944

Cell:  479-438-0854

Email:  schlutermanl@scsk12.org

 Amy ThorntonEmail:  thorntonaf@scsk12.org


Important Dates

August 7 SCIAA Athletic Conference 9:00 am SCIAA Office
August 20 PowerSchool Training Session 3:00 pm Central High
August 21 PowerSchool Training Session 4:00 pm Central High
August 28 PowerSchool Fall Sports’ Entries Due 12:00 n Online
September 3 PowerSchool Work Session for Incomplete Entries 4:00 pm Central High
December 4 PowerSchool Winter Sports’ Entries Due 12:00 n Online
December 10 PowerSchool Work Session for Incomplete Entries 4:00 pm Central High
March 20 PowerSchool Spring Sports’ Entries Due 12:00 n Online
March 31 PowerSchool Work Session for Incomplete Entries 4:00 pm Central High

* Dates subject to change

Start Dates

Fall Sports August 19, 2019
Winter Sports September 30, 2019-Bowling, MS BasketballNovember 4, 2019-All Other Winter Sports
Spring Sports March 15, 2020

End Date

All Sports July 30, 2020


Goals of the SCIAA Student-Athlete Tracking Program

To identify (sport/grade/gender/school)

  • Number of student-athletes
  • GPA
  • ACT Scores/TCAP Scores
  • Attendance Rate


Outline of the SCIAA Student-Athlete Tracking Program

  • All SCIAA member schools’ Athletic Directors are responsible for entering in all sports’ rosters into the PowerSchool SMS system. (Those schools who use PowerSchool and report to Shelby County Schools.)
  • SCIAA will request AD roles added to all new AD’s from the database created from the SCIAA Athletic Conference
  • At the beginning of each year we will host two training sessions for new Athletic Directors or those who feel they need a refresher course.
  • Seasonal sports’ entry deadlines will be set approximately a week or so after the TSSAA first play date.
  • Mandatory work sessions will be set approximately one week following the entry deadline for AD’s to complete their sports’ entries.
  • SCIAA will analyze and report on Midyear and End of year data.
  • Schools may request their individual reports with end of year data.


Training and Work Sessions

  • Will be held at 4:00 pm at Central High School
  • Instructors will be Amy Thornton & Lecia Schluterman
  • Athletic Directors should bring all current season sports rosters to be entered into the system
  • Failure to attend work sessions will result in a $50 fine to the school.


Communications and Notifications

  • Database of Athletic Directors will be gathered through the attendance of the SCIAA Athletic Conference
  • Due dates and work session dates are on the SCIAA Calendar and discussed at the SCIAA Athletic Conference
  • Reminders will be in the SCIAA Newsletter and sent to AD’s through email blasts
  • Notifications of non-compliance will be sent to the Athletic Director, Principal and ILD’s



  • 3 data pulls
  • Specific data
  • Compare athletes versus all students

Requesting Data

  • 1st Quarter Data
    • Date?
  • Mid-Year Data
    • Date?
  • End of Year Data
    • Date?

What Data?

  • GPA
  • ACT
  • Attendance
  • TCAP
  • Graduation
  • Promotion to next grade (MS?)
  • Suspension


Penalty Plan

Past deadline

  • Lecia email AD and include Principal, cc India Weaver
  • Must attend Work Session (4:00-5:30 on designated day)
  • Have until noon the following day to complete

After work session and still incomplete

  • India email Principal and include ILD, cc Dr. Richmond
  • $50.00 Fine
  • New deadline is 3 business days later
  • Additional support must schedule with Lecia or Amy

Still incomplete

  • India send incomplete list to Dr. Richmond and Dr. Whitelaw

Repeat Offenders

  • All repeat offenders will be reported each time to Principal, ILD and Dr. Richmond



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