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Posted On: Friday, February 17, 2012
By: lschluterman1


TMSAA Soccer Rules

Mercy Rule: The clock shall run continuously except for heat time outs and injuries once a 5 goal differential has been established. The clock will continue to run for the remainder of the game if the goal differential falls below 5. If a 9 goal differential has been reached at halftime or at any time during the 2nd half, the game shall be terminated.

GAME TIME: All matches will start at 5:00pm. We will play (2) 30-minute halves with a 10-minute half.


INCLEMENT WEATHER: The home team is responsible for calling the SCIAA office and the referee assigning agent no later than 11:00am.  The referee will be in charge for making the call regarding lightning safety.  They will follow TSSAA policy which is “See it flee it, hear it clear it”. If any lightning is seen or thunder heard you should immediately clear the playing area and find a safe structure to wait.

OFFICIAL’S FEES: The referee shall be paid $65 each for a 2-man game, and $75 for a single referee.  The home team that is listed on the schedule is responsible for paying the official/officials.  The officials will call the home school to confirm all games by 11am on the day of the game.

OFFICIAL’S ASSIGNING AGENT: Call Mark Herrington at  674-4478 (cell), 683-0777 (home), 658-5624 (fax).

SITES/LOCATION: For site assignments and/or changes, please call Park Services (city parks fields only) 767-4580 (Office), and Mark Herrington (all other locations) 901-674-4478 (Cell)


  • Each player must have a completed and signed physical, concussion information form and sudden cardiac arrest form, evidence of which must be on file at each school before the student-athlete can participate in practice, try-outs or a competitive contest. Additionally, an assumption of Risk, emergency contact information and informed consent forms must also accompany the physical. The Athlete Health Record includes those 3 requirements on 1 form.
  • All student-athletes must be listed on the TSSAA eligibility form. The last day to submit Eligibility forms is the First TSSAA Official Day of Contest.
  • All teams must have a basic first aid kit, injury ice & bags, water, and a copy of each student-athlete’s emergency contact info accompany them to all competitions and practices.  All coaches must be CPR & First Aid certified.
  • Contact the school Athletic Director for secondary insurance information.

PLAYING RULES: The Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) rules will apply to all schools participating in Tennessee Middle School Athletic Association (TMSAA).  Refer to www.TSSAA.org for more details.

NETS: It is the home team’s responsibility to make sure that the goals have nets.  If you are the home team and playing at Cordova, Kirby, Melrose, Crump or Whitehaven Stadium, the nets are provided. The home team is responsible for the game ball, which must be size 5.

AGE-RULE: No student-athlete shall be eligible to compete in the Tennessee Middle School Athletic Association during any school year, if the student-athlete turns 15 years of age on or before August 1 of that calendar year.



Pre-Season Meeting: March 4  Preseason Meeting Presentation 

Live recording of the presentation can be found here 

Coaches Sign in here

First Practice Date: When requirements have been met

First Contest Date: Tentative March 22 or later

SCIAA Play Day: No Play Day for 2021

SCIAA ChampionshipTentative 

Semi-Finals: April 26 Small

Finals: April 28 5pm Small at Melrose Stadium

Sectional-April 26 Large only


UNIFORMS: The home team shall wear white or light color jersey.  All players must wear age appropriate shin guards that are not tampered with and (NOCSAE) approved.  This must be stamped on the shinguard itself, not a tag. Goalkeepers must wear a different color uniform.


Corner flags are required for all fields. Schools using turf fields can sign out corner flags for their games through the SCIAA office. Schools will be responsible for replacement of these items if damaged or not returned.



A)    Divisional winners will be determined by the following 4-point system.  Only divisional game will used to determine divisional winners.

a)    Win-3 points

b)    Ties-1 point

c)     Loss-0 points

B)    Forfeit is scored as a 3-0 loss and the opposing team will be awarded 3-points.

C)    If teams are tied, rule (2) will be used to break the tie.




A)    To determine divisional winners and seed for the championship.

a)     Winner of head-head competition.

b)     Highest goal differential- goals for minus goals against with a (maximum 3 goals per game).

c)     Least total goals allowed (maximum) 3 goals per game).

d)    Most shutouts

e)     Most goals scored

f)      Penalty kicks


SCIAA CHAMPIONSHIP/PLAYOFF: The top (2) teams from each division will advance to compete in the SCIAA Championship.  The home team designation will go to the highest seeded team.

REPORTING SCORES: The winners of each match during the regular season are required to report the score via e-mail Leagueminder no later noon the next day.  This will help to keep track of standings, seed everyone prior to the championship meeting and to update the points system on a weekly basis. Every school will be a given a login to access Leagueminder to enter scores.



Each team is responsible for rescheduling any missed divisional games due to inclement weather.  These changes must be emailed to Kai Washington, Mark Herrington and Park Services if you use park fields. The home team is responsible for notifying the visiting school no later than 11:00am on game day.  This will enable the visiting school to cancel their bus without penalty.   The rescheduled game must be agreed upon by both schools.  You must reschedule your divisional games within three days of the original date.



SCIAA Soccer Coordinator:  Kai Washington- 731-402-1375 (cell), washingtonkd@scsk12.org

Assigning Agent:  Mark Herrington-674-4478 (cell), mherrington@refereeinmemphis.com

Park Service:  636-5580 (Office)







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