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Girls’ Soccer

Posted On: Friday, August 26, 2011
By: lschluterman1

2021 Middle School Girls’ Soccer

All scheduling and general questions

Reed Willis                                       

Office:  901-416-2915

Cell:  901-237-5968

Email:  willisrh@scsk12.org

All referee questions   

Mark Herrington

Cell: 901-674-4478

Email: mherrington@refereeinmemphis.com

  2021 MS Girls Soccer Handout

Important Dates

July 26 TSSAA First Practice Date  
August 11 SCIAA Soccer Coaches Meeting 4:00 PM SCIAA Office
August 16 TSSAA First date of contest/Deadline to file eligibility  
October 11-15 SCS FALL BREAK  
September 27 SCIAA Championship 5:30 pm & 7 pm 5:30 pm & 7 pm  
October 2 TMSAA Sectional – Cordova 10 am & 12 pm Cordova Stadium



TMSAA limits middle schools to play a maximum of 12 matches and 2 tournaments. Coaches are welcome to schedule additional games up to the max 12.

TSSAA Mercy Rule

The clock shall run continuously except for heat time outs and injuries once a 5-goal differential has been established. The clock will continue to run for the remainder of the game if the goal differential falls below 5. If a 9-goal differential has been reached at halftime or at any time during the 2nd half, the game shall be terminated.


Admission charge is optional. $5 maximum ticket price.

Inclement Weather:  Cancellation or postponement of games for inclement weather is the responsibility of the Athletic Director of the home team or his/her representative. The final decision and notification to the visiting team, umpire or assigning agent, and the SCIAA must be made by 11:00 a.m. on the day of the game.  If there is any question as to playing conditions of Park Commission fields, the final decision for determining whether or not the field is playable will be made by the Park Commission representative.

Rescheduling Inclement Weather Games:  The home team is responsible for obtaining field assignments for make up games and contacting assigning agents to obtain officials.  The home team is responsible for contacting the visiting team within three days of the postponed game and setting a playing date for the rescheduled game.

Parks Services Fields:  May Field, Willow Road, Wilson Park (By Fox Meadows), & Kennedy Fields

Andrew Fisher               (901) 636-5580 office                andrew.fisher@memphistn.gov

Schools/Teams who use Memphis Parks Commission fields are responsible for scheduling with Mr. Fisher and paying field usage fees.

Games postponed on Park Commission fields should be rescheduled through the Park Commission office. Please contact them at (901) 636-5580 between 10am and 12pm, daily.  The participating teams should reschedule games postponed on school fields.

SCIAA Fields

Turf Fields-Melrose Stadium(NP, 60yd), Kirby Stadium(NP, track), Whitehaven Stadium(NP, 62yd), Crump Stadium(P, 65yd), Cordova Stadium(P 65yd)

Grass Fields-J.P. Freeman Soccer Field, Raleigh-Egypt Stadium, Cordova Field(P) (Fairgrounds is no longer available.)

All turf and stadium fields must be scheduled through the SCIAA Office.

Mandatory Equipment

Corner flags are mandatory equipment.  All schools playing on grass fields must purchase and supply for game corner flags.  The SCIAA may have corner flags with bases for turf fields available for loan for schools playing on turf fields.  The schools will be held responsible for replacement costs for broken or lost equipment.

Nets are required equipment. For games on SCIAA fields, nets will be supplied on goals.

Field Maintenance

If your field needs maintenance, grass cut, lines marked, etc. please contact the SCIAA Office and we will work to get all field requests done prior to the start of the season. We must be notified at least 10 days prior to your first home game.

Cancellation of Games

Teams canceling games less than 24 hours prior to kick off or not showing up for reasons other than weather or school closure will be responsible for paying the referees.  If a school needs to cancel a game, it is their responsibility to contact the SCIAA, their opponent, referee assignor and referees.


Mark Herrington           Cell: 901-674-4478                    Email: mherrington@refereeinmemphis.com

2021 Referee Fees

The home team is responsible for paying the referees for each game

1 referee – $75.00

2 referees – $65.00 each

Referees will call the home team’s financial secretary prior to 11:00 am on the day of the game to supply their names and contact information. If no referee has called by 1:00 pm, contact Mark.

Game Scores

The home team of each contest must upload the outcome of the game using LeagueMinder by noon of the following day. 

2021 SCIAA Championship

The 2021 SCIAA Middle School Girls’ Soccer Championship games will be on September 27, 2021 at Crump Stadium. The Class A Championship game start time is 5:30 pm. The Class AA Championship game start time is 7:00 pm. The Number 1 seeds from each division based on the regular will participate in the SCIAA Championship game. The following system will be used to determine #1 seeds in accordance with the SCIAA Constitution and Bylaws.


  1. A)    Divisional winners will be determined by the following 4-point system.  Only divisional game will used to determine divisional winners.
  2. a)    Win-3 points
  3. b)    Ties-1 point
  4. c)     Loss-0 points
  5. B)    Forfeit is scored as a 3-0 loss and the opposing team will be awarded 3-points.
  6. C)    If teams are tied, rule (2) will be used to break the tie.


  1. A)    To determine divisional winners and seed for the championship.
  2. a)     Winner of head-head competition.
  3. b)     Highest goal differential- goals for minus goals against with a (maximum 3 goals per game).
  4. c)     Least total goals allowed (maximum) 3 goals per game).
  5. d)    Most shutouts
  6. e)     Most goals scored
  7. f)      Penalty kicks

TMSAA Sectionals

Class AA schools that qualify for the SCIAA Championship also qualify for the TMSAA Sectional.

2021-22 SCIAA Soccer Leagues
Small Schools
Division 1 Home Field Division 2 Home Field
Craigmont Craigmont Bellevue Crump Stadium
Douglass Chickasaw
KIPP Memphis Acad. J.P. Freeman J.P. Freeman Soccer
MBA Kirby Kirby Stadium
Memphis RISE Lester Prep The Hamp
MSE Cordova MSE Mendenhall
Raleigh Egypt Raleigh Egypt Stadium STEAM
Large Schools
Division I Home Field Division 2 Home Field
A. Maceo Walker A. Maceo Walker Kate Bond Kate Bond
American Way American Way Kingsbury Kingsbury
Colonial Colonial/May Field Sherwood Melrose Stadium
Germantown Snowden Snowden
Havenview J.P. Freeman Soccer Treadwell Treadwell
Hickory Ridge Hickory Ridge White Station
Ridgeway                               May Field
SCIAA Soccer LeagueMinder Logins
Username/Password Username/Password
A. Maceo Walker A.Maceo Soccer KIPP Memphis Academy KIPPA Soccer
American Way AWay Soccer Kirby Kirby Soccer
Bellevue Bellevue Soccer MBA MBA Soccer
Chickasaw Chickasaw Soccer Memphis RISE RISE Soccer
Colonial Colonial Soccer Raleigh-Egypt RE Soccer
Craigmont Craigmont Soccer Ridgeway Ridgeway Soccer
Germantown Germantown Soccer Sherwood Sherwood Soccer
Hickory Ridge HR Soccer Snowden Snowden Soccer
J.P. Freeman JP Soccer STEAM STEAM Soccer
Kate Bond KB Soccer Treadwell Treadwell Soccer
Kingsbury Kingsbury Soccer White Station WS Soccer



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