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Middle School Track & Field Handout

2021 Coaches Meeting PPT


2021 SCIAA Middle School

Track & Field Schedule

SCIAA Track & Field Coordinator

Lecia Schluterman




General Track & Field Questions

  • Head Coordinator: Ron King: (901) 233-4334
  • Asst Coordinator: Derek Hunter:(901) 481-1291



Class A Class AA
BTW Barrett’s Chapel Bellevue A Maceo Walker Kate Bond
Chickasaw City University   American Way Kingsbury
Cummings Dexter Douglass Colonial Ridgeway
EE Jeter Freedom Prep Geeter Cordova Sherwood
Georgian Hills Grandview Granville T. Woods Craigmont Snowden
Hamilton Hanley Germantown White Station
Ida B. Wells J.P. Freeman Humes Havenview Wooddale
KIPP Collegiate Kirby KIPP Academy Hickory Ridge
Lowrance Maxine Smith STEAM Lester Prep Highland Oaks
Grizzlies Prep MAHS MBA
PCA Hickory Hill PCA Southeast Oakhaven
Riverview Soulsville Raleigh-Egypt
Westside Woodstock Treadwell


All Track Meet Entries must be entered online BEFORE NOON the day before the meet.

Crump and Whitehaven are F.A.T. Stadiums

Important Dates


Date   Time   Location   Event  
March 2 5:30 pm Microsoft Teams SCIAA Track Coaches Meeting
February 15 TMSAA First Practice Date
March 17 First SCIAA Track Meet
March 29-April 2   SCS Spring Break
April 16 11:59 pm Deadline to submit SCIAA Championship entries on Milesplit
April 19 4:00 pm SCIAA Office SCIAA Championship Scratch Meeting
April 20 5:00 pm Whitehaven (Class A)Kirby (Class AA) SCIAA Championship Prelims (Girls Running & Boys Field Events)
April 21 5:00 pm Whitehaven (Class A)Kirby (Class AA) SCIAA Championship Prelims (Boys Running & Girls Field Events)
April 24 9:00 am2:00 pm Whitehaven Stadium SCIAA Championship Field Event & Running Events Finals
May 8 9:00 am Whitehaven Stadium TMSAA West TN Sectionals
May 22 Austin Peay State University TMSAA State Championship



Middle School Track & Field Schedule

Week 2

 Wednesday, March 24

City University, Craigmont, White Station, Oakhaven, Maxine Smith STEAM Cordova
Chickasaw, Bellevue, Hamilton, Lester Prep, MASE, Woodstock Crump
Kate Bond, Colonial, Hickory Ridge, Ridgeway, MBA Kirby
Treadwell, Georgian Hills, Riverview, Grandview, Douglass, A. Maceo Walker Whitehaven



Week 3

Wednesday, April 7

Kate Bond, Georgian Hills, MBA, Woodstock, Craigmont Cordova
Bellevue, Douglass, Maxine Smith STEAM, Lester Prep, White Station, MASE Crump
Ridgeway, Treadwell, Oakhaven, Riverview, Hickory Ridge, Hamilton Kirby
Chickasaw, Colonial, A. Maceo Walker, City University, Grandview Whitehaven



Week 4

Wednesday, April 14

Kate Bond, White Station, Maxine Smith STEAM, Georgian Hills, Riverview, Grandview Cordova
Douglass, A. Maceo Walker, Oakhaven, MASE, Treadwell Crump
Colonial, Woodstock, Craigmont, City University, Chickasaw Kirby
Lester Prep, Hickory Ridge, Bellevue, Ridgeway, Hamilton Whitehaven



2021 Track & Field Locations/Meet Directors

  • Crump Stadium: Carl Bowie (901) 503-7189
  • Cordova Stadium: Gary Deberry (901) 596-1898
  • Kirby: Michelle Graham (901) 870-7386
  • Whitehaven: Ursula Lomax (901) 315-2237


SCIAA General Rules

  • SCIAA will manage all gates at meets.
  • Track meets are scheduled to start at 5pm unless otherwise noted.
  • Event substitutions can be made on the day of the event.  Please contact the meet director at the end of the meet to correct the names of participants.  No new entries are allowed. Scratch runners will not be allowed due to the increased number of participating teams.
  • Coaches must complete their duties assigned by the Meet Director for your participating meet.  If you fail to do so, you will risk disqualification of your team.


Track & Field Information

Uniforms:  All uniforms must follow the NFHS Rules. The referee will warn every participant prior to the meet that they must compete in a legal uniform, and if a contestant competes in an illegal uniform, then that contestant is disqualified from that event. There are no team warnings or individual warnings after the meet begins. Officials should use preventative officiating as much as possible.


Participant Entries:  No contestant may participate in more than three events in any meet. This regulation applies to all track competition – regular-season meets as well as invitational, conference, sub-sectional, sectional, regional, and state meets.  A school may enter no more than 2 (3 in TMSAA events) girls or 2 (3 in TMSAA events) boys in any individual event and no more than one team in a relay.


Eligibility List:   list and schedule must be submitted in the TSSAA Portal by the first contest date.




  • Completed and signed Athlete’s Health Record: ​
  • Valid Physicals dated April 15th 2020 and signed by FNP, MD or PA ​
  • Emergency Information, Informed consent & Acknowledgement of Risk​
  • Covid 19 Informed Consent & Assumption of Risk​
  • Concussion Information Sheet initialed and signed by the student-athlete and parent (TN Public Chapter 148) ​
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet initialed and signed by the student-athlete and parent (TN Public Chapter 325) 



  • Current CPR & First Aid for all faculty and non-faculty coaches ​
  • Signed Concussion Information Sheet, certificate of completion of an approved Concussion education course for all coaches and athletic directors (TN Public Chapter 148)​
  • Signed Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet, certificate of completion of NFHS education course for all coaches and athletic directors (TN Public Chapter 325)​
  • Complete SCS Covid-19 Safe Schools Training ​
  • Complete NFHS Covid-19 for Coaches and Administrators


Boys Track & Field Events

Shot Put Discus Long Jump
High Jump 4x800m Relay 3200m Run
110m Hurdles 100m Dash 4x200m Relay
1600m Run 4x100m Relay 400m Dash
800m Run 200 m Dash 4x400m Relay


Girls Track & Field Events

Shot Put Discus Long Jump
High Jump 4x800m Relay 3200m Run
110m Hurdles 100m Dash 4x200m Relay
1600m Run 4x100m Relay 400m Dash
800m Run 200 m Dash 4x400m Relay


Meet Entry

The SCIAA will be using https://tn.milesplit.com/  to submit online entries.  If you are not familiar with Tennessee Runner, instructions on how to register/claim your team, complete your roster and register for an event is available to support you. Please monitor your meets carefully to make sure your teams have all athletes entered in the meet.


Entry Deadline:  All track meet entries must be completed before noon of the day prior to the meet.


TN Milesplit-Meet Entry Instructions:  TN Milesplit Directions   



Team Management






Meet Registration




SCIAA Field Events Standards
Event Girls Boys
High Jump 3’6” 4’4”
Long Jump 11’ 14’
Shot Put 15’ 25’
Discus 35’ 50’

*VERY IMPORTANT* All legal first attempts will be measured. All attempts after must meet SCIAA minimum standards.


Scoring Format

3 Teams 5-3-2-1
4 Teams 6-4-3-2-1
5 Teams 8-6-4-2-1
6 Teams 10-8-6-4-2-1
7 Teams 10-8-6-4-3-2-1
8+ Teams 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1



Results will be available in Tennessee MileSplit no later than Monday of the following week.


Practice at District Stadiums

Games on district fields at district owned stadiums take precedence over practices. Please clear the stadium 60 minutes prior to game time. Clearing the stadium includes all student-athletes, coaches, team followers etc.

STADIUMS OPEN FOR PRACTICE: A stadium usage file will be sent to all coaches once it is complete. This information is subject to change due to reschedules, so check daily to determine if the stadium is open.



Regular Season $3.00.   Post Season $5.00.





TMSAA Sectional Meet Information

In middle school track, there will be two classifications: Class A and Class AA.

Four Sectionals will be held across the state with the qualifiers advancing to the State Championships. There will be 16 qualifiers in each event (4 from each Sectional) for each classification to the State Championships from the Sectional meets.

Sectionals must be completed by May 9, 2020.

There will be a fee of $50 for a girls’ team and $50 for a boys’ team for each school that participates in the championship series. Check with your school administration to see if this was paid with your school’s membership in August.


TMSAA State Meet Information

Running Events – All lane assignments will be based on the athlete’s qualifying performance.

The following scoring system shall be used in the state meet – 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.


The Middle School Track & Field State Championships will be held May 16, 2020 at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN.





SCIAA Track & Field COVID-19 Guidelines

  • All spectators, coaches and staff must wear masks at all times
  • All student-athletes must wear masks while they are not engaged in competition.  Student-athletes may wear masks during competition if they so choose.
  • All coaches, staff, and student-athletes should use hand sanitizer stations when possible
  • All coaches, staff, and student-athletes must maintain at least 6’ of social distancing at all times.
  • Teams should maintain social distance in the stands area and should not socialize with other teams.
  • Student-athletes should remain in the stands until the first call of their race to help reduce congregation on the field for warm-ups.
  • Athletes and coaches should be screened and temperature checked before attending practices or games. If a student- athlete or a coaching staff member fails screening they should not attend practices or games. A record should be kept of all individuals present at team activities.
  • Athletes and coaches should be screened and temperature checked before leaving for games. If a student- athlete or a coaching staff member fails screening they should not attend the game as a participant or spectator.
  • Do NOT sharepersonal water bottles, shoes, jerseys, equipment, towels, etc.
  • Student-athletes should use hand sanitizer before and after using shared implements (relay baton, discus, shot put, pole vault poles, etc.).  Those shared track and field implements should be cleaned before and after each use.
  • No team huddles, handshakes or fist bumps should take place.
  • Allow for physical distancing in common areas including bathrooms, stands, sidelines, dugouts.


2021 TSSAA/TMSAA Track & Field Modifications/Considerations

https://cms-files.tssaa.org/documents/tssaa/2020/COVID-19-Regulations-and-Considerations-2021-02-01.pdf page 24

  • Limit interaction with athletes from opposing schools
  • Eliminate handshakes
  • No shared equipment, towels, practice gear, etc.
  • Have hand sanitizer at each event station
  • Disinfect mats after each round of competition if possible
  • Officials should wear face coverings
  • Conference with coaches should take place with proper social distancing
  • Do not participate if sick (if there is doubt stay home)
  • Disinfect personal equipment after each game or practice


@LECIA  SCHLUTERMAN — add new coaches requirements surrounding covid  [IW1]

–adjust SCIAA covid guidelines to match ones in ppt

–is Ursula running WHS?



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