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2018 High School Baseball & Softball

Lecia Schluterman    SCIAA Baseball/Softball Coordinator

Office              416-9944                     Cell                 479-438-0854

Fax                  416-9949                     Email              schlutermanl@scsk12.org    

Important Dates

November 28 Baseball & Softball Coaches Meeting 4:00 pm SCIAA Office
January 17 All Schedules due to SCIAA
January 17 TSSAA Softball Rules Meeting 5:30 pm MUS
January 17 TSSAA Baseball Rules Meeting 6:30 pm MUS
February 12 TSSAA First date of practice
March 12 TSSAA First Date of Contest
March 12 TSSAA Deadline to File Eligibility & Schedules
March 12-16 SCS Spring Break
May 11 TSSAA Districts Must Be Completed
May 14 TSSAA Region Semifinals
May 16 TSSAA Region Finals
May 18 TSSAA Sectionals
May 22-25 TSSAA State Championship


TSSAA 2017-2021 District Alignments-Baseball & Softball

Region 8 Region 8 Region 7 Region 8
District 15A District 16A District 16AA District 14AAA District 15AAA District 16 AAA
BTW City Univ. Craigmont Arlington Collierville Central
Douglass Fairley GRAD Acad. Bartlett Germantown East
KIPP Colleg. Freedom Prep Hamilton Bolton Houston Overton
Manassas Hillcrest MLK Prep Cordova Kirby White Station
MAHS MSE Melrose Kingsbury Ridgeway Whitehaven
MASE Oakhaven Mitchell Southwind
MBA PCA Raleigh-Egypt
Middle College WEB DuBois Sheffield
Soulsville Westwood Trezevant

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