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SCIAA Shelby County Interscholastic Athletic Association/ SCIAA Shelby County Interscholastic Athletic Association


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All scheduling questions and changes should be sent to:India Weaver Office:  901.416-7470 Email:  weaveri@scsk12.orgtwitter.com/sciaafeverfacebook.com/sciaafeverInstagram.com/sciaafever


Important Dates


Apr. 3rd –May 3rd TSSAA Online Rules Meeting TSSAA Portal
Jun. 24th-Jul 7th TSSAA Dead Period
July 2nd-3rd &5th-6th Free SCS Student Support Shelby Metro SCIAAGolf Clinic 8:00am-1:00pm Links of Whitehaven
Jul. 9th TSSAA First Practice Date
Jul. 23rd TSSAA Schedule & Eligibility(First Contest Date) TSSAA Portal
Aug. 8th   SCIAA Golf Meeting
Aug. 13th SCIAA Schedules Deadline
Aug. 31st SCIAA LG Division Qualifiers Determined
Sept. 3rd Holiday: Labor Day
Sept. 6th SCIAA LG Division Championship 1:00pm shotgun Fox Medows
Sept. 12th TSSAA DI LG Districts (must be completed by)
Sept. 14th SCIAA SM Division Qualifiers Determined
Sept. 19th  SCIAA SM Division Championship 8:30am shotgun Fox Meadows
Sept. 17th TSSAA DI LG Regions (must be completed by)
Sept. 25-26th  TSSAA DI LG State Championships
Sept. 26th TSSAA DI SM Districts (must be completed by)
Oct. 1st  TSSAA DI SM Region (must be completed by)
Oct. 9-10th TSSAA DI SM State Championships

Rules of Golf
USGA Videos Illustrating Golf Rules: http://usga-rules.com/
USGA Rule Book:  http://www.usga.org/rules-hub.html
Mobile Rule Book: search USGA Rules in Android & Apple App Store




Each student-athlete must have a completed Athlete’s Health Record (comprised of a cleared pre-participation physical examination, emergency information, informed consent, acknowledgement of risk and authorization to treat signed by parent/guardian) and the Tennessee State Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Law “Information & Signature Form” before he or she can participate in a try-out, practice, or game. Coaches must complete and/or review safe participation courses and requirements i.e. Concussion Training, sudden cardiac, Weather Guidelines (heat & lightning), CPR & First Aid Certification before coaching duties begin.


Sudden Cardiac Information: http://www.tn.gov/health/topic/sudden-cardiac-arrest-prevention-act


TSSAA Golf Information

  • Maximum number of regular season contests is 14 dates.
  • In the Off-Season there are no restrictions in regard to practice.
  • In the Summer there are no restrictions in regard to practice.
  • Dead Period Rule does apply


For more information: http://tssaa.org/sports/fall-sports/golf/


TSSAA Heat Policy

No activities will be allowed when the heat index at the location of the activity is in excess of 104 degrees. The heat index should be checked every 30 minutes if the heat index is 95 degrees or greater to monitor for increased heat index.

This includes practices and contests at any level (HS, MS, JV etc…) and at any location (indoor or outdoor). Schools are required to measure the heat index at the location of its activities associated with sanctioned sports. Schools will need to have the capability to measure heat index at the site(s) where activities take place. Report non-compliant team(s) to the SCIAA Office. Heat index apps can be used when physical heat index monitors are not available.

TSSAA Heat Policy – Modifications for Golf Competitions and Practice 95°-104° Players should have immediate access to water regardless of their location on the course. Water bottles should be kept with players at all times. Pace of play should be so that players are resting at least one minute for every three minutes that they are walking. The time taken between shots and the transition time on the tee-box between holes can be considered resting time.


Lightning Policy

Anytime lightning is determined to be in the area (See it, Flee it; Hear it, clear it) of practice/competition site, activity must be suspended for at least 30 minutes after the last lightning strike. If lightning strikes within the 30 minute time frame, restart the count each time until it has been determined that the activity will be rescheduled. Please seek a safe shelter in times of inclement weather. It is the home team’s responsibility to monitor the weather during athletic contests to determine what adjustments; if any need to be made in times of inclement weather. Report non-compliant team(s) to the SCIAA Office.




Schools may have student-athletes compete on a team or as an individual. Boy’s teams must consist of 4 or 5 players, with the top four scores counting toward the team’s total. Girl’s teams must consist of 2 or 3 players, with the top two scores counting toward the team’s total.



The SCIAA will not schedule regular season golf matches for schools. Each school participating in golf will be responsible for scheduling your own matches and contacting the golf centers to reserve time. Participating schools will determine start times. You must schedule a minimum of 4 golf matches. Fines will be assessed for forfeits.

All schools must have a full-time Coach or a full-time faculty member of the participating school present at all times during the match, if not golfers will not be allowed to participate. Coaches meeting should be held prior to competition. The home team is responsible for conducting the meeting. At your coaches meeting, please assign an adult group monitor. Group monitors will be responsible for managing the speed of play, will act as a backup scorer for players, will go over scores prior to next tee and resolve issues. Ideally, no one should be assigned to a group where his/her school is participating. Each player is responsible for keeping another’s player’s card.

All regular scheduled matches will consist of 9 holes. If you do not complete 9 holes LG Division will double par and SM Division  will double par the rest of the holes for scoring purposes.

Boys will play from the white tees or forward men’s tees. Girls will play from the red tees. A stroke limit of double par will be enforced on each hole. Once a player reaches the maximum number on a hole, they are to pick up their ball and proceed to the next hole. NO CADDIES ALLOWED, AT ANY TIME!!!


Instructions on how to upload schedules

  • Paste this link in web browser: https://goo.gl/eXba9F
  • Click ‘edit in browser’ at the top of the screen on the left hand side
  • Begin Adding matches. Enter home team, away team, facility, day, event date and start time
  • You are done!  The document automatically saves.  Exit your browser.


Attire & Sportsmanship

All Golfers are required to wear a collared shirt, NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! Golf shoes and tennis shoes are the only acceptable footwear. Golf or baseball style caps are the only acceptable headwear, (bandanas are not allowed). Golf pants or shorts, khakis, slacks or shorts are the only acceptable pants, (no jeans of any kind). Student-athletes will not be allowed to participate if they do not adhere to the above mentioned rule.

All schools are reminded that they are the guests of the various clubs throughout the area. All players and coaches are to observe proper golf etiquette at all times. Violations of these rules may result in suspension of playing privileges for the player and/or team.


Each school is responsible for reporting scores online by 12pm next business day to verify competition. Failure to report scores will disqualify you from the Championship.






SCIAA Championship

Full teams and/or individual competitor(s) may represent each school. It is the Coach’s decision regarding what players (full team +1 alternate) will compete in the championship.  If you have 4 girls and/or 6 boys (due to allowing 1 alternate to compete), please inform the championship director regarding which players scores will count for team standings before the match begins.

Large Division Championship Director: Ed McDugle, White Station High School

Small Division Championship Director: Ali Elfatouri,  Fox Meadows

The Championship will be 18 holes (stoke limit triple bogey) with a shotgun start. All players and coaches are expected to be at the course 30 minutes prior to start time. No players will be allowed to compete if they are late to the course.

Championship Awards -Girls: (1) Team Champ Plaque, (1) Runner Up  Plaque, &  (1) Individual Champ Plaque  Boys: (1) Team Champ Plaque, (1) Runner Up  Plaque, &  (1) Individual Champ Plaque




  • The Links at Audubon

4160 Park Ave – (901) 683-6941
18-hole 6,345 yds. Par 70.

  • The Links at Davy Crockett

4382 Range Line Road – (901) 358-3375
18-hold 6,200 yrd. Par 72

  • The Links at Fox Meadows

3064 Clarke Rd. – (901) 362-0232
18-hole 6,545 yds. Par 71.

  • The Links at Galloway

3815 Walnut Grove – (901) 685-7805
18-hole 5,842 yds. Par 71.

  • The Links at Pine Hill

18 ce Ave. – (901) 775-9434
18-hole 5,894 yds. Par 70.

  • T.O. Fuller State Park Golf Course

1500 W Mitchell Rd, Memphis, TN 38109, (901)543-7771

  • The Links at Riverside

465 S. Parkway West – (901) 576-4296
9-hole 2,813 yds. Par 35.

  • The Links at Overton Park

2080 Poplar Ave. – (901) 725-9905
9-hole 2,222 yds. Par 34.

  • The Links at Whitehaven

750 E. Holmes Rd. – (901) 396-1608
9-hole 2,460 yds. Par 36.

  • MAM Golf Course

2146 Ball Rd Memphis, TN Vince Alfonso. Phone: (901) 606-7332


Schools Participating: TSSAA 2017-2021 Golf Classifications


Class School Region District Class School Region District
SM Melrose 8 16 LG *Central High School 8 15
SM City University 8 16 LG Cordova High School 8 15
SM *Soulsville 8 16 LG Kingsbury 8 15
SM *Douglass High School 8 16 LG Overton High School 8 16
SM Fairley High 8 16 LG *Bolton High School 8 15
SM GRAD Acad 8 16 LG Ridgeway High School 8 16
SM Hillcrest 8 16 LG Southwind 8 16
 SM  Mitchell 8 16 LG *White Station High 8 16
SM Raleigh-Egypt High School 8 16 LG Whitehaven 8 16
 SM  *Crosstown 8 16 LG *Germantown 8 16
 SM  *Middle College 8 16 LG Craigmont 8 15
SM *MBA 8 16

2018-19 Participation




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