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All scheduling questions and changes should be sent to:Lecia Schluterman       Office:  901-416-9944

Cell:  479-438-0854

Email:  schlutermanl@scsk12.org       

 Official’s Assigning AgentBill Arata

901) 857-6801



Important Dates

September 21 SCIAA Basketball Coaches’ Meeting 4:00 pm SCIAA Office
September 24 TSSAA Basketball Coaches Meeting 2pm MUS
October 2 SCIAA Deadline to submit Non-League Games
October 30 TSSAA First Practice Date
November 8 SCIAA Jamboree Rosters Due Email or Fax
November 10-11 SCIAA High School Basketball Jamboree Hamilton High
November 13-18 TSSAA Hall of Fame Games
November 20 TSSAA First Contest Date, Deadline to File Eligibility & Schedules
November 22-24 SCS Thanksgiving Break
December 21-January 8 Winter Break
January 8 SCS Students First Day Back
January 15 SCS Martin Luther King Jr. Day
*February 7th SCIAA Championship Meeting 10:00 am SCIAA Office
*February 10th SCIAA High School Basketball Championship TBA TBA
February 21 TSSAA Districts must be complete
February 23-24 TSSAA Region Quarterfinals
February 26-27 TSSAA Region Semifinals
February 28-March 1 TSSAA Region Finals
March 3 & 5 TSSAA Sectionals
March 7-10 TSSAA Girls State Championships
March 14-10 TSSAA Boys State Championships

*All dates are subject to change. 



Each student-athlete must have a completed Athlete’s Health Record (comprised of a cleared pre-participation physical examination, emergency information, informed consent, acknowledgement of risk and authorization to treat signed by parent/guardian) and the Tennessee State Concussion Law “Concussion Information & Signature Form”, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, “Parent-Athlete Signature Form” before he or she can participate in a try-out, practice, or game. Coaches must complete and/or review safe participation courses and requirements i.e. Concussion Training, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training, Weather Guidelines, CPR & First Aid Certification before coaching duties begin.



TSSAA max number of games is 24, saving one for the SCIAA Championship.

TSSAA Hall-of-Fame games are allowed-Max two (2) games.  All HOF games must be approved by the TSSAA.

TSSAA max number of Tournaments is 2 with each tournament counting as two games.

All games must be turned in to the SCIAA and reflected on the SCIAA master schedule available at www.sciaa.org



Schools are only allowed to participate in one Jamboree. The SCIAA jamboree is the official jamboree for all SCS schools. Schools should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your game. Estimated start times are listed on the schedule. There will be no warm-up on the court. Jamboree will consist of two 8 minute real time quarters. Each team will have two 15 second time outs.  Teams should come dressed to play as there will not be any locker room access. Bands are not allowed due to limited space. Each team will receive 25 tickets for pre-sale.  Admission to the jamboree is $8.



$8.00 (Tickets may be pre-sold at a lesser price at the discretion of the host principal.)

  • For auditing purposes anyone entering the game must have a ticket or SCS ID badge, administrators or retirees I.D. Badge, or TSSAA pass. Boosters, Concession workers and any other personnel must have a ticket from your school to enter the game.
  • Teams, coaching staff, auxiliary staff i.e. managers, ball boys etc… should enter the gym together and in team uniform.



Varsity girls will begin at 6:00pm.  Varsity boys will begin at 7:30pm.

All games will start at the designated time unless otherwise indicated in writing through the SCIAA. It is the responsibility of the host team to notify the SCIAA, SCS security, and the assigning official when changes in start times are needed.

To make a game change (dates and/or start times) contact the SCIAA office at minimum 3 days prior to the scheduled event. 



If you want to participate in JV/Freshman basketball, you will be responsible for creating your schedule, official assignments, security etc.  All officials must have a background check (all TSSAA officials have undergone a background check).  A great time to schedule games would be at the TSSAA/SCIAA meetings.



If a scheduled game is cancelled due to schools closing, please wait instructions from SCIAA office.  If schools are closed on the day of a meeting, the meeting will be rescheduled by the SCIAA office. Schools will be notified of the rescheduled date.



Security personnel will be assigned to high school games upon written request of the school principals involved. The written request must be submitted to the SCS Security Division office one week prior to the contest. The security personnel will report and be responsible to the principal who made the request. Security must be notified of any changes in the schedule. Schools hosting classics, tournaments, etc…must notify security, SCS security (416-5773).



Home teams must provide responsible adults to be in charge of scoring and timing at each scheduled game.

PLEASE NOTE: High Schools not providing responsible adults for scoring and timing will FORFEIT the game and will not be reimbursed for paying the officialsAll scores are to be reported by the home team to the Commercial Appeal (901)529-2360 and must be recorded in LeagueMinder.  Contact Lecia Schluterman for your login.



There is an $80.00 assigning fee per school. The SCIAA office will deduct these fees from your officials’ reimbursement at the end of the season. The officials should call the home school’s financial secretary by noon on the day of the game. If they fail to do so, please call the assigning agent immediately!  Also, all coaches will be assigned an Arbiter login and will be able to check officials’ assignments for every game.

The SCIAA does not reimburse schools for official’s fees for Non-league Games, Tournaments, or Junior Varsity games.  


PLEASE NOTE: Shelby Metro Basketball Association officials must be used for all high school games.

The official’s assigning agent is Bill Arata (phone: 901.373.8049). Official’s fees are negotiated by the TSSAA and are as follows:  All SCIAA Schools will be using Three Official’s for all games.


Two Officials Three Officials
1 game-$75.00 each 1 game-$65.00 each
2 games-$105.00 each 2 games-$95.00 each


Student-athletes (Varsity, Junior Varsity, & Freshman Teams) must be listed on their school’s TSSAA eligibility roster.



All schools will save 1 game for the SCIAA Championship. The head coach or a school representative must be present for the championship meeting to be held February 7th at 10:00 am at the SCIAA Office.

Last date for games to count for the SCIAA Championship is February 6th.


Tie Breaking Procedure

  1. Head-to-Head competition in league play. If teams have played each other during the season, the

outcome of these games will resolve the tie.

  1. If a tie remains after (a), the tiebreaker will be determined by how teams have done against the next highest seeded teams in their respective league: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
  2. If the tie remains after (a) and (b), the overall win-loss record against teams within that classification will be used to break the tie. This only includes games played in your classification with member teams of TSSAA.
  3. If the tie remains after (a), (b), and (c), the best overall record will be used to break the tie. The best overall record includes games and tournaments with all teams associated with the National

Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Scheduled games must be on an Official SCIAA

Schedule to count for championship purposes.

  1. If a tie remains, a coin will be tossed. A draw will be used to determine who will call the coin toss


AAA tie break

14/15 AAA

1st the best district record from 14AAA and 15AAA will be selected

2nd  next Head to Head record will be used to determine a winner

3rd if no head to head record exists or if there is a tie, records against all teams in their class

4th if there is a tie, then overall record

5th if there still is a tie, then coin toss


Post Season Tournament Locations

Tournament Host School Administrator Dates 2016-17
District 16A Mitchell
District 16AA Hamilton Trezevant
District 14AAA Bolton
District 15AAA Ridgeway
District 16AAA Whitehaven
Region 7AAA Brighton
Region 8AAA Southwind
Region 8AA Trezevant Liberty Magnet
Region 8A Jackson Christian


TSSAA 2017-2021 District Alignments

Region 8 Region 8 Region 7 Region 8
District 15A District 16A District 16AA District 14AAA District 15AAA District 16 AAA
BTW City University Craigmont Arlington Collierville Central
Douglass Fairley GRAD Acad. Bartlett Germantown East
KIPP Collegiate Freedom Prep Hamilton Bolton Houston Overton
Manassas Hillcrest MLK Prep Cordova Kirby White Station
MAHS MSE Melrose Kingsbury Ridgeway Whitehaven
MASE Oakhaven Mitchell Southwind
MBA PCA Raleigh-Egypt
Middle College WEB DuBois A&T Sheffield
Soulsville Westwood Trezevant
Gateway Univ. WEB Dubois L&PP Wooddale
Bluff City
Southwest Early


Southwest Early College will be playing a JV only schedule for 2017-18.


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