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Posted On: Tuesday, August 02, 2016
By: iweaver1




Contact the SCIAA office with a request to participate. Declare sport participation intentions (i.e. high school and/or middle school basketball, football etc…). Secure adequate facilities to host the following sports: basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and softball. Schools must be TSSAA/TMSAA members before becoming a part of SCIAA leagues.

Middle schools that complete this process after the month of May may not be eligible for post season play. Those schools may also have to complete their own schedule.  Please contact the coordinator of the various sports for additional details.

New schools participating should complete this declaration form:  declaration form



Fees are $250 per high school and $250 per middle school. Schools agree to abide by the rules and regulations of SCIAA.  Schools will receive access to coaches’ meetings/professional development, championships, awards, stadiums, game operation services, website and other SCIAA special events.

There will be a fee increase beginning next year (2017-18), more information to come.


The fee will increase from $250 per school to $500 per school over 3 years. Below is the new fee structure:

  • Phase One – 2017-18
    • fee will increase by $85 ($335)
  • Phase Two -2018-19
    • fee will increase by  $83 ($418)
  • Phase Three -2019-20
    • fee will increase by  $82 ($500)

Please note all fines must be settled before entering in to the next school year.



Participation with the SCIAA does not include access to athletic insurance coverage. Please note that Charter Schools that co-op with SCS schools are still not covered by the SCS athletic insurance. SCS Risk Management can assist you with insurance vendor options if needed (901-416-1997).



Schools are responsible for the payment of TSSAA/TMSAA official assigning agent fees and game officials.  Officials will contact the schools the day of the game by 1pm.  Schools can also request access to arbitersports.com to view assigned officials for contests via the SCIAA Office.  If you have not received confirmation of your officials, please contact the assigning agent or the SCIAA immediately.

Payment is due the day of the contest.  If there are issues with your accounting systems that may prevent that, please contact the Assigning Agent for that sport (payments should not be received no later than 2 days post contest). Schools are also responsible for assigning agent fees.  Failure to pay in a timely manner may result in the loss of assigned officials for your contests.



Charter School ID badges will allow you free entry into all contests in which your school participates.  TSSAA ID Cards and/or Championship cards will allow you entry into all other regular and/or post season contests in accordance to the rules specified on the pass.  Schools may also purchase SCS badges for $30 from the SCS office of security on Monday, Wednesday and Friday using cash or school check only as another options for entry passes.  Charter/ASD schools should allow SCS employees with ID badges free entry into all contests in which their school participates and vice versa.



Schools are responsible for providing adequate security at all home games and other after hour school events. SCS security will provide this service at a cost.  Please make a formal request by email.  Security will need at least a 72 hour notice if these requests will be done on an as needed basis; however we are prepared to do the entire year of events and can bill you all for these services.  Contact  Shanddeikka Akibulan akibulansm@scsk12.org

SCS Security will provide regulations surrounding security guidelines.



  • Must have a minimum of four (4) Officers/Guards working football games with less than 200 participants to include team players (1 on money box, 1 on concessions and 1 one each teams bench/side)
  • Must have a minimum of six (6) Officers/Guards working football games with over 200 participants to include team players. (additional officers working stands and perimeter)
  • Must have a minimum of three (3) Officers/Guards working basketball games (Middle School) with less than 200 participants to include team players and staff.
  • Must have a minimum of four (4) or more Officers/Guards working basketball games (High School) with more than 200 participants to include team players and staff.
  • Officers/Guards must be armed and have some knowledge of working these types of events within a school district.
  • Must be a minimum of two (2) SCS Officers working all football games, when supplemented with contracted guards or law enforcement.
  • More Officers/Guards will be required during events when there is a community problem that affects the school climates involving shootings, gang activity of violence and fighting after school hours.
  • More Officers/Guards will be required during events when rival schools are competing against each other.
  • Officers/Guards must be visible and accessible at all times during the event.
  • Officers/Guards should be on high alert during rival schools competing and monitor closely areas where students are bunching up in large groups.
  • Officers/Guards must be in constant communication with each other via radio/walkie-talkie, etc.
  • Officers/Guards must have a good working knowledge and understanding of how to operate a walk thru and hand held metal detector for searching participant attending the events.
  • Officers/Guards should report to the site one (1) hour prior to game start time and remain on the scene until the parking lot has cleared.

If adequate security measures are not met, schools may be subject to use SCS security at your own expense.



Charter schools are considered system-wide schools. Their territory or zone is the county in which they are in. Therefore, any student with an athletic record the past twelve months in a Shelby County school that transfers to your school is ineligible in that sport(s), by rule. The same would apply if a student-athlete leaves your school and goes to another school in the county.



Schools are responsible for entering all sport rosters into PowerSchool SMS. These schools will be identified by SCIAA. Seasonal sport entries are due approximately one week after the TSSAA first date of competition.  SMS training will be provided.  Once student-athletes are entered into SMS by sport, the Athletic Director and the SCIAA can view information for each athlete such as, age, grade, GPA, transcript and transfers, attendance, conduct, and parental contact information along with the ability to double check TSSAA eligibility. If you have any additional questions regarding SMS completion, please contact Lecia Schluterman 416-9949 or schlutermanl@scsk12.org.  Schools that do not use the SMS system are required to submit academic data via a template that will be provided for you at a later date.



Shelby County Schools is proud to support the community use of school facilities for rent to non-profit groups and organizations. The SCS Board Policy 7002 authorizes the short term rental of its facilities as deemed by the Board to be in the best interest of the district and community when facilities are not being used for school purposes. SCS makes available for rent auditoriums, gymnasium, stadiums, ball fields, multi-purpose rooms, classrooms, and much more.  For more information, contact Tiffany Bracy 416-4715 or bracyt@scsk12.org.   Additional information can be found here at http://www.scsk12.org.  Please see department of Facilities Planning.


All games will start at the designated time unless otherwise indicated in writing through the SCIAA. To make a game change (dates and/or start times) contact the SCIAA office at minimum 3 days prior to the scheduled event and the administrators of both schools must agree in order for the change to occur.


During High School Football season, as the host school if your school will not operate a concession stand please notify the SCIAA Office no later than 3 days prior to your contest. 

Non-compliance may result in loss of concession stand privileges.



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