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SCIAA Cheerleading Competition

Posted On: Thursday, March 07, 2019
By: Claire Dougherty

The SCIAA hosted a Cheerleading Competition for it’s inaugural year on February 21st at Cordova High School. 15 Middle and High Schools competed in both small and large divisions in hopes to be the first place team in this new SCIAA event.

Cheerleaders are generally known for being on the sidelines at football and basketball games and yelling for their team. At a cheerleading competition, teams are expected to display the athletic and performance components of cheerleading including stunts, tumbling, jumps, dance, and a crowd-leading cheer. Each of these aspects is scored in total out of 100 based on technique, skill, performance, and more. Each team performed a great routine and the packed crowd had a chance to cheer for the teams that are normally cheering for someone else.

In the Small Middle School division, teams were comprised of 16 or less cheerleaders. In second place was Soulsville, and in first place was Havenview Middle School. In the Large Middle School division, comprised of 17 or more cheerleaders, the Snowden Greendogs took second and the Kate Bond Kodiaks secured first place.

In the Small High School Division, the Kirby Cougars took second place and the BTW warriors took first and in the Large High School Division, the East Mustangs took first place.

Please help us congratulate all the teams for participating and being a part of the 1st Annual SCIAA Cheerleading Competition.

Middle Schools: Freedom Prep, Georgian Hills, Havenview, Soulsville, Power Center Academy, Kate Bond, Ridgeway, Snowden, and Woodstock

High Schools: Booker T Washington, Middle College, MAHS, Wooddale, Kirby, and Memphis East.


BTW East Havenview Kate Bond

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