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2019 SCIAA Swim Championship

Posted On: Wednesday, January 23, 2019
By: kwashington1

Last night the Hickory Hill Community Center hosted the 2019 High School Swim Championship. From the beginning of the season to the championship we have seen several swimmers improve both their times and abilities. Our regular season champions based on points scored were the Central High School Girls Team and the Germantown High School Boys Team. Its no surprise that those two teams continued their dominance in the championship meet to take first place again. The warriors coached by Jen Wood-Bowien scored 841 points for the season while first time coach Ashly Henderson’s boys scored 861 points for the season. The runner-up Kingsbury High School deserves to be mentioned as well. The Falcons have continually grown their program under the helm of Coach Manning and had many swimmers improve in skills and overall times in several events. The Kingsbury girls were just a few points shy of winning on the girls side. There was another close race with the MVPs of the meet. The MVP is determined based on points scored through all events all season. Brandon Mens of Germantown was runner-up to the meet MVP Ethan Rhodes of Kingsbury who scored a total of 189 points. On the girls side, Erioyna Pointer of Central was runner-up to her teammate Eryn Cohn who was awarded MVP after scoring a total of 171 points.

I would also like to congratulate all of the swimmers who placed in individual events. Our first place finishers in all events were (girls are listed first followed by the boys):

200 Yd Medley Relay-Central HS (Davis, Cohn, Leopard, Pointer); Germantown HS (Mens, Valle, Tanksley, Saine)

200 Yd Freestyle-Milasia Bruce, Kingsbury HS; Tejay Tanksley, Germantown HS

50 Yd Backstroke-Lou Davis, Central HS; Maxwell Saine, Germantown HS

50 Yd Freestyle-Erioyna Pointer, Central HS; Maxwell Saine, Germantown HS

50 Yd Breaststroke-Leanora Leopard, Central HS; Donovan Wilson, Central HS

100 Yd Freestyle-Erioyna Pointer, Central HS; Tejay Tanksley, Germantown HS

500 YD Freestyle-Georgia Vaughn, Kingsbury, HS; Brandon Mens, Germantown HS

200 YD Freestyle Relay-Germantown HS (Sanchez, Johnson, Brown, Walton); Germantown HS (Tanksley, Saine, Valle, Mens)

50 Yd Butterfly-(Boys only) Grady Leopard, Central HS

100 Yd Backstroke-Eryn Cohn, Central HS; Brandon Mens, Germantown HS

100 Yd IM-Leanora Leopard, Central HS; Grady Leopard, Central HS

100Yd Breaststroke-(Boys only) Wallace Leopard, Central HS

400 Yd Freestyle Relay-(Girls only) Central HS (Davis, Cohn, Pointer, Leopard)

200 Yd Freestyle Relay Mixed Gender-Germantown HS (Walton, Zou, Brown, Washington)


Finally, I’d like to thank the meet director, officials, timers and the City of Memphis Aquatic Centers. I’d also like to thank the coaches and parents for their continued support.

2019 Swim Season

2019 Germantown Boys Swim Rhodes, Boys MVP 2019 Cohn, MVP Girls Swim 2019 2019 medal winners 2019 Central Girls Swim


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