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Meet Results

2017 Cross Country Results


Season Meet Results 2017

9-5-17 – 5:00 SCIAA KIckoff 1 – 9.5.17

9-5-17- 5:45  9-5-2017 SCIAA XC Kickoff Meet #2 (1)

9-11-17 – SCIAA XC Week 2 (Ed Rice Community Center)

9-14-17 -9.14.17 Shelby Farms

9-18-17 -9.18.17 Ed Rice

9-21-17-9.21.17 Shelby Farms

9-25-17 -SCIAA XC Week 4 (Ed Rice Community Center) 9-25-2017

9-28-17 -9.28.17 Shelby Farms

10-2-17 -SCIAA XC Week 5 (Ed Rice Community Center) 10.2.17

10-5-17 -10.5.17 Shelby Farms


SCIAA Championship Results 2017

October 16th, 2017

Small Division SCIAA XC Small Championship (Ed Rice Community Center)

Team Champions                                                    Team Runner-Up

Girls: Middle College                                                 Girls: City University

Boys: MLK Prep                                                          Boys: City University

Individual Champions

Girls: 1st Tashon Bryson, 2nd Candace Mcgowan, 3rd Khristy Greenwood

Boys: 1st Omar Smith, 2nd DeAngelo Williams, 3rd Adonis Holloway

Large Division (full results to come)

Team Champions                                                     Team Runner-Up

Girls: Southwind                                                          Girls: Ridgeway

Boys: Whitehaven                                                        Boys: Craigmont

Individual Champions

Girls: 1st Jada Miller, 2nd Aaliyah Wilson, 3rd India Wilson

Boys: 1st Emmanuel Cullins, 2nd Lavell Garrett, 3rd Keyorray Moore



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