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SCIAA Jamboree Media Application

Posted On: Wednesday, November 01, 2017
By: lschluterman1


The 2017 SCIAA High School Basketball Jamboree will feature the SCIAA Media Room.  We are inviting all media to come out and be a part of this year’s jamboree.  All interviews with coaches and players will take place in the SCIAA Media Room.

You must complete the Media Application below to be admitted to the SCIAA Jamboree and SCIAA Media Room free of charge.

Click here for PDF of Application:  SCIAA Media Application

Send applications to schlutermanl@scsk12.org or fax 901-416-9949

All applications must be received by November 8th, 2017 for the SCIAA High School Basketball Jamboree. 



2017-18 SCIAA Media Regulations


Working media credentials for all SCIAA Special Events must be submitted by filling out the SCIAA Media Credentials Form on the SCIAA Website.


The issuance of all media credentials for SCIAA events is at the sole discretion of the SCIAA

Athletics Manager.


Credentials for SCIAA events are to be issued on a space-available basis and are to be issued

only to daily newspaper personnel who are covering events, television personnel who are directly

involved in covering events for newscast productions, radio stations who are doing play-by-play

broadcasts of events, and non-daily newspapers whose primary circulation area includes schools participating in championship events.

Credentials are limited to two per television station, daily newspapers and radio stations carrying live play-by-play broadcasts and one for non-daily newspapers.

Requests for credentials beyond the categories listed above and requests beyond the specified number allowed per outlet must be

accompanied by a letter written on company letterhead explaining the necessity for those additional credentials.

Media outlets and/or individuals whose primary purpose is to serve as a recruiting/scouting service, or college publications/websites that are following recruits will not be issued credentials.

To be considered for a SCIAA media credential, internet organizations must be determined to be a legitimate news-gathering organization and meet following criteria established by SCIAA:

  1. The site has demonstrated a history and reputation for covering sporting events involving SCIAA member schools on a timely basis.
  2. Content on the site is original, objective, news-gathering in nature and has editorial oversight. Content must be updated on a regular basis in the form of stories, game stories and updates, comprehensive scores, standings, statistics or streaming. Photos, recruitment content, rankings and forums do not, in and of themselves, meet criteria for approving credentials.
  3. Site is not a personal page or content and demographic audience is not a fan-based site of one school or a small number of schools.

Working credentials are issued for the sole purpose of providing facility access to an accredited

individual who has a legitimate working function in connection with the event for which the credential

is issued. Credentials are subject to being revoked at the discretion of the SCIAA Staff. Grounds for revocation of credentials, though not limited to, include misuse, abuse and/or transfer of a credential to anyone other than to the person to whom the credential is granted. Any media outlet whose credentials are revoked for any reason is subject to being denied credentials at future SCIAA events.


Credentials requested for the purposes of school yearbook or school newspapers must be submitted

by the Athletic Director of that school. Credentials will be limited to one credential for a student and one credential for a school faculty member to serve in supervisory capacity over that student. The credentials will only be issued for the purpose of reporting on the game.


Credentials are non-transferable. Unauthorized use or sale of credentials subject the bearer to ejection from the facility during SCIAA and the denial of credentials at future SCIAA events indefinitely.

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